Young professionals at a student rate
Studaro recruits educated part-time student workers. We ensure that these young potentials get into your reach. With our hands-on approach we take care of the recruitment, administration and payroll.
For Belgian employers who require highly-educated and experienced part-time workers. Studaro recruits young potentials with professional expertise. With our all-round service we cover every needed requirement, from selection and recruitment to administration and payroll.

This is our main focus, but everything is possible
We recruit part-timers that have a background in Engineering, from bio- & industrial engineers to civil- & environmental guru's.
Hire a part-time young professional in Software Engineering at a student rate.
We personally select and recruit marketing and sales wizards that are nearly graduated.

Find young talent
Nearly graduated student workers from all over the world with professional expertise.
Digital platform
Connecting employers and students on our digital platform in a centralised way.
Payroll & admin
We offer an all-round service from recruitment and selection to payroll and administration.
Fixed staff solutions
We easily provide local employers the staffing solution they need to fill in wanted vacancies, temporary spots & short-term projects.
Save time & money
Focus on your core business with the assistence of a young professional.
Hands-on approach
We apply a hands-on approach to get a quality match between student and employer.
Highly-educated & experienced part-timers at a student rate
What do you need?
Get in touch , tell us what kind of talent you need and the specific expertise you are looking for.
We enlist a job vacancy on our platform and take care of the right match. We only suggest the top candidates (totally free)
Suggested profiles
We connect you with the student worker for an interview and handle the paperwork.

Let's have a talk
If you leave your phone number (or e-mail) below we'll give you a short call.
Let's have a talk
Are you interested in hiring a highly-educated and experienced part-timer at a student rate? We mainly focus on Engineers and Marketing- or Sales wizzards, but every position is possible.
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