Office Management & Customer Succes
Master of structure, multitasking and proactivity. She's keen, clean and a real office machine. Meet our office manager Sarah!
What's your educational/professional background?
I'm studying Office Management - Management Assistant. I'm graduating as an International Business Officer. I chose this course because my strengths lie in administration and organisation. I love to support people and offices and I want to use my language skills every day.
What do your daily tasks consist of?
I'm responsible for all student administration. That means inscribing students, making up their contracts and following up on payment schedules. I'm also in charge of customer success. I'm the point of contact for students and even some clients. Students can ask me anything when they start working and I'll always be there to help them out and to make sure everything is working as it should.
What is the main thing you learned at Studaro?
Studaro has taught me a lot! On a professional level I've learned to harness my multitasking skills. I've become a lot more resistant to stress too. On a personal level, I'm a lot more secure and I've learned to stand up for myself.
What's the company culture like?
Studaro's more than just a company. We ride or die together. We've developed into a really close team en we're there for each other. Besides that, there's a lot of room for self development. That means professionally and personally! Studaro is a vivacious company, there's always something going on. You just can't get bored here.

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