Business Development Internship
Started from the bottom now we here! That's the motto of a true business developer. Eva, an intern at Studaro is here to tell you all about what she's been getting up to!
What's your educational/professional background?
My name is Eva, currently a student International Business Management at the Artevelde University College. I chose this study program because it gives me a profound understanding of how people manage companies in Belgium and abroad. Because of all that knowledge I am now able to choose the sector that I'm interested in and a career path that I want to follow.
What do your daily tasks consist of?
I had the opportunity to start a new business unit in the company. The students who work with Studaro will graduate one day so that is where I come in. Together with Ruben (co-founder) I tried different strategies to help young graduates with their first starter job. I am the first person of contact for students and companies who have open vacancies. Let's say that I am calling and mailing a lot of hours throughout the day.
What is the main thing you learned at Studaro?
I think that Studaro opened my eyes in the way how a company really works and that it isn't always easy. I have the chance to work and make decisions on my own but meanwhile you learn how to work in a team.
What's the company culture like?
Let's say that Studaro is a company where the balance between independent and team work is important. So a work hard mentality is definitely needed. What I want to say is that, if you aren't afraid of a challenge and you dare to speak up then yes Studaro is a good match for you.

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