(Digital) Marketing & Communication
SEO(mg). Advertising, content creation, social media... The world needs to know who we are. More importantly, we want to get to know the world. Marketing & Communication managers are the bridge between Studaro and the outside world.
What's your educational/professional background?
I started college when I was about 17 years old where I studies Political Sciences and Communication. I loved the theory but I needed more hands on experience before starting my professional life. That's why I chose to combine my studies with my first job as a sales captain. I continued working hard to get my bachelors in Communication Management and Advertisement while getting real life experience at my part-time job. That was quite a ride, with a lot of ups and downs.

Because of that, I fully understand the importance of gaining professional experience during your studies. So there's a real match between me and what Studaro does everyday. Shortly afterwards I started my internship and it's been amazing!
What did your daily tasks consist of?
The best thing about marketing and communication is that it allows you to be creative, analytical, strategic and original all in one go. My daily tasks are usually setting up new ad campaigns, getting and monitoring results, creating and designing new ads and newsletters and most importantly: content creation.
What is the main thing you learned at Studaro?
Take risks, think outside the box and be prepared to substantiate your decisions. You get a lot of freedom here. So independence is a must.
What's the company culture like?
Work hard - play harder. I think that sums it up! We have a lot of fun together and I definitely made some friends for life here. But it's also hard work and people are very focused on getting the job done! We're a proud team.

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