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Stay in Belgium for the summer!
If you're still deciding on whether to stay in Belgium for the summer during your international adventure, this article might just push you over the edge. In a good way of course!
The first choice you will have to make is to either live like a local or experience the full tourist life and everything it has to offer.
Belgium is bursting with energy and you might have realised that during your studies already! With its picturesque medieval cities, flat country sides in the north and beautiful landscapes in the south... Belgium holds a special place in the heart of every international student that comes to visit.

A lot of those students are up for a big decision when summer hits: should I stay or should I go? And we agree that it's a tough question! You might miss your friends and family, your mom's homestyle cooking or your local bar. But most international students choose to stay in the country to finish up their epic adventure with some fun and no more school. The first you'll have to make is to either live like a local or experience the full tourist life and everything it has to offer!
I've been going to festivals all my life. If you like relaxed, fun and alternative festivals, Couleur Café is the way to go. It's right in the center of Brussels. The music and the food are awesome. If you prefer huge festivals with incredible line-ups Rock Werchter will be right up your alley!
Lorenzo Ego
Co-founder Studaro
Summer fun in Belgium
Belgians have to wait a long time for summer (rain rain go away). So when it's finally here we go craaaaazy! You might be familiar with the abbreviation TBF (= to be fair). But today we're giving it a different spin. If you're ever wondering where all your Belgian friends are at in summer time just remember TBF: Terras - Beach - Festivals

T is for Terras

"Terraske doen? " is probably the most frequently asked question in Belgium when the sun is out. Remember it and live it. Almost all the cafes, bars and restaurants in Belgium allow you to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Usually people have one or two drinks before moving on to their next activity. But Belgians stay on their 'terras' as long as they possibly can. These will be the moments you'll cherish for the rest of your life!

B is for Beach

From De Panne to Knokke. The Belgium coast line is small, but stacked with activities and fun. A lot of Belgians rent out a little appartement or summer house for a couple of weeks. Easy peasy! Belgium is so small that the seaside makes a great day trip too. If you want peace and quiet De Panne, Oostduinkerke en Nieuwpoort (see photo) are best suited for you. Prefer some more fun and excitement? Try Ostend or Knokke. Just don't forget to bring your friends and some money for a go-cart.

F is for Festivals

There are more than 36 festivals from July until September. And those are just the big ones! There are many many more to choose from. Yep, we've built quite the reputation when it comes down to summer festivals. The best known one in the world has to be Tomorrowland. Get your tickets in time if electro, house and techno are your thing.

Get a bike!
The Low Countries have a lot in common with each other. And if there's one thing we excel at it's at riding our bikes everywhere. Not every Belgian city is as bike friendly as we would like it to be. But Gent, Mechelen and Leuven are great examples. Cars our out, bikes are in!

Bikes are especially interesting when you want to leave the city. There is so much beauty to behold in Belgium. Belgium is a real cycling country. Check out the best Cycling Routes in Belgium here.
I wouldn't know what to do without my bike in summer. It takes me anywhere I want to go, I can drink a couple of beers while I'm out with my friends, it's good for the environment and I can enjoy the sunshine while I'm at it. That's a great combination if you ask me.
Georgina Cocker
Studaro Intern
You're in the heart of Europe
Imagine a summer holiday where all the major European cities are just a short way away. Paris, Londen and Amsterdam are all a short way away. You can even get to them by train in less than 2 hours. That's an incredible luxury for any true traveler. Europe has so much to offer and studying in Belgium gives you a first row seat to all of it.
The last couple of months I've done citytrips to Porto, Lisbon, Sicily and so on. Belgium is right at the center of all that's good in Europe.
Lorenzo Ego
Co-founder Studaro
Pay for it in experience
Living in Belgium, having fun and travelling can be quite an expensive adventure. We know, we've been there. So you need to find a job that allows you to gain relevant work experience and enough money so you can enjoy your summer to the fullest. Luckily we have plenty of summer jobs on offer for international students just like you. If you want to make you Belgian summer dreams come true, you know what to do.
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